Our Reward

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Have you thought about what makes Christianity different from the religions of the world? If you look at the most prevalent religions, the end reward or goal (and a bunch of other things) is quite different. For many of the eastern religions, the peak is a mental and emotional state or a structure of living. For Islam it is a slew of virgins in paradise for self pleasure. But the reward is different in Christianity.

I feel that we have looked at these religions and coupled it with our own selfishness and said our reward is living in an exclusive city of mansions where we are all fit, live great lives, never get sick, die, or cry. While this very well be true, the reward isn’t the place. It isn’t centered around us. It isn’t that we will run and play all day.

Our reward is Him. We will worship God non-stop. We get to be in the presence of God our King and worship Him forever. And that is the greatest reward anyone can think of. Check out Revelations 4:8-11. If you are thinking “That sounds kinda lame, just worshiping all day and all night.” maybe you’re not ready for heaven.

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