No Turning Back

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Have you ever known someone who had an android phone but for a time switched over to an iphone? When they switched they were all about the iphone, but after the hype wore off they realized it was just another phone. Not too much further down the line they had switched back to an android. Maybe this doesn’t bother you, but it bothers me. Why such an outcry over the iphone when a year later your back to your old phone as if the iphone experience never happened?

I think that’s kind of where Paul was with the Galatians when he wrote to them in chapter 4 verses 8-11. He doesn’t understand leaving the freedom and grace found in Christ for anything. We often think Paul is referencing the Galatians falling back into their pagan rituals and idols, but thats not want Paul is referencing here. He is actually appalled that they are basically wanting to be Jewish and attempt to earn their justification through The Law and not resting in the fact that Christ has accomplished everything for them through His death and resurrection.

Paul goes on to plea with them that there is no way to keep The Law and earn justification.

Religion enslaves, but a relationship sets free.

Don’t be like the android guy, falling back into something he is familiar with. Be like those crazy iphone guys. They won’t go back to whatever they had before; no matter what you tell them.

In the same way, hold fast to Jesus and rest in what He did for you. You can’t do anything on your own to earn it. Trust in Him, fight religion, and never let it be a check-list that makes you feel good.

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