Not All That Bad

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How many times do you catch yourself thinking about how the God of the universe died to have a relationship with you? I never get tired of trying to wrap my mind around that. I make up scenarios that will adequately convey the depths of how amazing that sacrifice was, and no matter how good it is or how amazing that illustration might be, it doesn’t really even come close to comparing. It’s something I have to preach to myself everyday.

Really think about it. God died a horrendous death for His enemy: you. How can that not change our lives so drastically that we don’t even look like the same person anymore? I’ll tell you why. We think we are not all that bad.

We don’t see our sin as a serious offense to the creator God. Our goal is to scrape by, be “good enough” to make it, and don’t take sin seriously. We think we are good. But until you recognise the weight of your sin and the amazing debt that was paid in full on your behalf on the cross, you cannot be truly changed. Tim Keller put it this way: “Unless we know how big our debt is, we cannot have any idea of how great Chris’s payment was. If we think that we are not all that bad, the idea of grace will never change us.”

Do you really fully understand the grace involved? Can you see how deep it is? Can you see how undeserving you are? I am praying God’s grace changes us everyday.

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