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In Matthew 4:1-11 we see the classic temptation of Jesus. There is so much to glean from this that it is hard to pull it all out in just one blog post. There are a few things that we must grasp in this passage.
The first being the temptation. Satan tries to tempt Jesus’ pride and selfishness in each temptation. Satan asks Jesus to prove his value and worth by doing something for himself. Whether it was turning stones into bread because Jesus was hungry, jumping off the top of the temple so the people would see He truly is God, or worshiping satan to “gain” the kingdoms of the world; Satan is tempting Jesus to do something out of selfish ambition. For us, our value and worth is found in Christ alone, so we don’t need to prove anything to anyone. Moreover, we can’t seek our own gain above anything else. Our place is to be faithful to God, exercise a little faith, and allow God to be faithful to fulfill our every need.
Another thing we must take away is the fact that Jesus fights off the temptation with scripture. I believe the key to fighting temptation is in the bible. This beautiful book tells us God’s character and His desire for our lives. In that we have the discernment of right and wrong and the wisdom and power to choose God’s way.
The final essential thing we can take away is the power of Jesus. Our culture likes to take God’s attributes and apply them to Satan, because we are biblically illiterate. If you look at the facts, Satan is just a created being that must obey God. We see a clear picture of this when Jesus says “be gone” in verse 10. WHen Jesus told him to be gone, he left. Satan didn’t have a choice. Jesus holds the power. Satan doesn’t have a chance of winning. We must recognise this every day.
How can we resist temptation? Memorizing scripture is the best place to start.
How can we memorize scripture if we don’t know it?
How can we know it if we don’t read it?
How can we read it if we don’t pick it up?
How can we pick it up if we aren’t devoted to it?
How can we be devoted to it if we don’t care?
If you care, you will be devoted to it.
If you are devoted to it, you will pick it up.
If you pick it up, read it.
If you read it, you will know it.
If you know it, you can recite it. You can resist temptation.

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