Our Reward

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Have you thought about what makes Christianity different from the religions of the world? If you look at the most prevalent religions, the end reward or goal (and a bunch of other things) is quite … Read More

A Tale of Two Oranges

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     The other day I was walking with a property owner and saw a beautiful orange tree on their property.  I immediately mentioned how great the oranges on the tree looked.  The owner told … Read More

Deadly Poison

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  Think of the most evil thing on this planet. Think of how awful and disgusting it is. What are you thinking about? ISIS? Planned Parenthood? That jerk that cut you off in traffic the … Read More

The Gift

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How would you feel if someone came up to you and said “I want to give you a car, but first you need to help me tear down a barn and build a new one. … Read More

Woodlawn Movie Event

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On January 31st at 6:00 pm we will be showing the movie Woodlawn.  Woodlawn is a movie about a football team set in early 1960s Birmingham. It is a free movie event that is open … Read More

Defeating Our Giants

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When reading through the bible, I often place myself in the story. In my mind’s eye I play the hero or set-up a scenario where I wouldn’t do the stupid thing that person did. We … Read More